Dr. Matthew Ballison

Dr. Matthew Ballison is a medical expert, who works as a physician and researcher simultaneously. Matthew is a General Physician, but the field of his professional interest is much wider.

The points of his research papers are  Addiction Medicine, how psychoactive substances affect human brains, physical withdrawal after drug renunciation, nature of different addictions from biological discourse. The main object of his research papers is the molecular mechanisms of drug dependence.


His scholarly research papers are:

  •  “ Medicine approach for drug withdrawal treatment”,
  • “ Tropane alkaloids effect for CNS”
  •  “ Cocaine topicals generics: issue or solution?” ( for the wide public)



He is working as an MD for 7 years. Matthew Ballison graduated from UNR. Nowadays, he works in Nevada as an autonomous specialist. Dr.Matthew Ballison is compounding medical work in a medical center, drug inebriates rehabilitation center, and scholarly activism. Also, once in a month, Matthew conducts charity consultations for free.