Will pickle juice help me pass a drug test?

If I drink vinegar will I pass a drug test?

The truth, probably not.  Why?  Testers have wised up.  Back in the good old days, like after WWII but before coronavirus, that 7 maybe 8 years when the US waged no war, you could beat an old emit test with some vinegar or pickle juice.  But the war on drugs is big business now and so are private prisons, they need you to fail that drug test.  So they can afford private yachts.

Vinegar and pickle juice can help you lose weight and therefore cause THC, to leech from the fat cells. [1]  So, if you have the time, many days before your test, you can work out and take your apple cider vinegar, two teaspoons before meals, and the THC is gonna start to come out.  But it is crucial, you must put an end to the fat-burning before your test.  Fat burning can continue for days after you stop exercising and taking vinegar.  So, you gotta time this just perfectly.  Give it 5 days at least where you stop exercising and taking vinegar to stop fat burning and let the THC levels go low.  Since you will have less THC in the body, there may be less in the urine than before you started.

 How to:  Drinking Vinegar

  1. Two weeks before your test, before you eat a meal, use two tbsp of apple cider vinegar in about 5 ounces of water, drink it down.  This will slow digestion and gastric emptying, which will prevent carbohydrates from overloading your ability to process them, leading to fat burning and spillage of THC from the cells.
  2. Use at each meal for a week.
  3. Exercise to increase fat burning.
  4. After 10 days, stop exercising and using vinegar to halt fat burning and flush THC.
  5. Dilution: 2 hours before your test, drink 16 to 32 ounces of water, with a b-vitamin complex, a dash of lite salt for electrolytes, and 5 grams of creatine.  If you don’t have those, eat a large steak.
  6. Take your test, good luck.

How to Pickle juice THC detox

  1. Use the same method used above, except use 5 ounces of pickle juice instead of vinegar and water.
  2. You may drink 5 ounces of pickle juice 2 hours before your test as it also contains cucumber water which acts as a diuretic to help you produce more dilute urine.

Pros and Cons of drinking vinegar or pickle juice for passing testing

  • Using apple cider vinegar or another type of vinegar to clean your system has known and studied health benefits.
  • Pickle juice may work as a diuretic.
  • It is healthy
  • Burns fat
  • Protects against diabetes
  1. Cranberry juice might be more appetizing and is a diuretic that can be used for dilution.
  2. Taking drugs can be dangerous and using pickles to flush your urine of weed is likely to be ineffective.
  3. Too high a dosage of vinegar can have negative medical consequences like an acid burn, nausea, and diarrhea.
  4. Only works for THC, no other drugs: use dilution alone for other drugs

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Health Risks

If you overdose, you risk nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Don’t attempt to beat a drug test if it is illegal in your jurisdiction.  One is however, generally free to use vinegar as you please the world over.

Don’t use it if you have an ulcer.

You might wanna be careful if you use diabetes drugs like Victoza and metformin as the added boost could cause low blood sugar.

Reviews from social media



A positive review from cannabis.com boards. In this case, the user expressed that abstinence before dilution and then pickle juice on the test day helps you pass.  They claimed that the juice helped with piss color.  We have to imagine that since we know that b-vitamins help with maintaining the yellow color of urine, it is likely not the chlorophyll in pickles.  Some people may get added color, according to how your guts and kidneys function.


An example of a negative review from the forums on prisontalk.com.  Many engaging in discussions about this trick suggested that this is still used behind bars where perhaps more up to date detox kits are not accessible.  However, this poster explained how this may have been the case 2 decades ago but that now tests are more sophisticated and pickle juice with dilution is therefore not going to be strong enough to beat a urinalysis.


Too much niacin can be toxic to the liver.


Conclusion: Can you drink pickle juice to pass a drug test?

The verdict:  Sometimes.  You should combine the fat burning ability of vinegar two weeks ahead with a dilution method for the day of the test.  Drinking extra-large amounts of vinegar will just make you sick.  Vinegar is a healthy and natural fat burner, anti-diabetes remedy, and pickles are a natural diuretic.  If you love them already, by all means, indulge, but don’t expect sparks to fly.  This is generally an old remedy that worked for older EMIT tests.


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