Is tea helpful for marijuana detox. Is it possible to pass a drug test?

Many of us have tried countless methods to pass drug tests by consuming detox drinks. It’s particularly hard to detox the body if you are a regular marijuana user. But that doesn’t mean that irregular users can easily flush out the presence of THC from their system. You would find plenty of THC detox drinks but many of us like to go for a more natural way of cleansing the body. One of the natural ways of doing so is drinking tea.

Now, a question may arise in your mind if tea can help detox from weed. Well, they sure can help but remember the process is lengthy. So, adopting this method is only appropriate if you have enough time in your hand and are patient enough to experience the results. Tea comes with many health benefits that’s why they are so popular from ancient times. Countless studies have proven that teas carry the ability to lower heart problems, blood pressure, stress while balancing blood cholesterol and diabetes. They help to alleviate overall health and support the weight loss process.

Even though teas are potent enough to help you clear drug tests but it’s always wise not to rely on them completely. You can adopt additional methods like using synthetic urine to pass the test. Now, let’s break down the factors that influence or make teas a potential detoxifier against weed and they are:

  •       Tea contains polyphenols
  •       Certain types of tea are rich in antioxidants
  •       They even have caffeine though the amount is small

The pointed factors help to detox the body from cannabis. They can expel the traces of THC from your system so you can go for any type of drug test be that urine or hair follicle test. If you are one of those looking for natural ways for weed detoxification then this article is for you. In this article, you would know about some teas that can help you with it because of their cleansing properties.

According to FMAHealth, you can classify these teas into two types regular teas and herbal teas. Check out some of the herbal and regular teas below:

Herbal Teas

  •       Red clover tea
  •       Coca tea
  •       Chamomile tea
  •       Rooibos tea

Regular Teas

  •       Black tea
  •       Green tea
  •       White tea
  •       Ginger root tea
  •       Mint tea

Herbal Teas

They are not your usual teas but a sundried version of mixed herbs, flowers, and different kinds of spices. Certain types of fruits are used as herbal tea when they are dried up. This unique blend of herbs and spices mixed with boiling water is not just delicious but healthy too. This is why many of us drink them occasionally. Some of the most popular herbal drinks are listed below:

Red Clover

Red clover tea is said to help in flushing out the presence of THC from your body because of its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants strengthen the body with the required energy while dispelling the existing toxins from your system.  Thus, the body can easily expel THC compounds helping you to pass drug tests.

It also supports overall health by balancing your cholesterol level, protecting you from developing any skin diseases at the same time fighting against cough.

Coca Tea

The second herbal tea used for their detox property is coca tea. This herbal plant originally comes from South America and the leaves are dried to make into tea. FMA Health suggests using it to strengthen your immunity system, reduce digestive issues, and balance blood sugar. They are good for energizing the body too.

It is a good source of alkaloids, phytonutrients, inulin, and vitamins. The detox properties in this tea make sure that the toxins, for instance, uric acid are removed from the body. But never drink the tea before taking drug test since the plant is also a source of cocaine production. Drinking coca tea before any drug test may result in a false positive even if you never indulged in taking the drug.

Chamomile Tea

If you have to rank these herbal teas according to their popularity then chamomile tea would come first no question asked. The reason for this massive popularity is the calming agents of this tea. Apart from the detox property, it comes with health benefits like controlling blood sugar, supporting digestive health, reviving your skin, providing the necessary energy while strengthening your immunity. Its detox agents are potent to flush out toxins from the kidney. But it is not enough to clean THC compounds.

Rooibos Tea

This is the most effective type of herbal tea when it comes to flushing out THC from your system. Other than removing THC it helps detox your lungs, blood, and liver. Rooibos tea is beneficial for restoring your bone health, preventing cancer, controlling diabetes, and supporting heart health. You can make your very own blend of Rooibos tea by adding lemon juice and maple syrup. You can add other potent ingredients known for their detox properties. This will accelerate the process of flushing out THC.

Regular Teas

These types of teas are taken daily in many countries. Among them, green tea has a special reputation for its many medical health benefits. Ginger tea is also quite famous for its effectiveness against cold. There are many other types of teas available that you can use to help detox from marijuana.

Black Tea

If you are a regular weed smoker then black tea might be a good option for you to try. It’s rich in antioxidants and polyphenols which take part in removing THC from your system. It’s also a great source of vitamins. It lowers the possibility of developing cardiovascular disease and fights to protect your lungs. It also helps in rejuvenating your skin.

Green Tea

This tea is favorite among people who want to get rid of toxins from the body. Green tea is packed with antioxidants and nutrients. Thus, it’s the first choice made by people for flushing out the presence of THC. Antioxidants are very important when it comes to detoxification. With its help, the liver starts the toxin elimination process which leads to removing the existence of weed if ever smoked. It also increases your metabolism, protects you from cancer, controls blood pressure and diabetes.

Ginger Tea

Another great recommendation for weed detox is the consumption of ginger tea. Ginger is packed with anti-inflammatory agents, cleansing properties along with antispasmodic agents. It can help with digestion, nullifying the effects of acids, improving blood circulation, and removing toxins from the body. It increases the release of sweat which expels wastes from the body.

White Tea

This tea also carries many health benefits. This too is a good source of antioxidants that helps with the detoxification process but its effectiveness is not that potent. But that doesn’t mean that it cannot help with THC removal from the body. It’s good for people who are trying to lose weight. It fights against acne, cancer, and supports heart health

Mint Tea

It is produced using the leaves of peppermint. Researchers have discovered many medical benefits of this ingredient and using it for several medical aids. Mint tea carries the cleaning properties needed for removing traces of marijuana from your body leading to a negative result in drug test. Women suffering from cramps and strong headaches due to their period can get relief after drinking mint tea.

Bottom Line

Tea can help with the process of detoxification from weed but the effectiveness is highly dependent on the kind you are choosing. As you can see the detoxification agents varies with each kind of tea so is the effectiveness. For better results, you have to combine or use other detox products or drinks popularly recommended by reliable sources. Cranberry juice is great for removing toxins. You can use other methods like drinking detox drinks along with any of the mentioned teas. This way you keep your mind at peace and pass drug test.