Macujo Method Steps

Maye, you’ve heard a rumor that you can pass a hair follicle drug test with vinegar or with aloe rid detox shampoo?  These are ingredients to a system called the Macujo method which claims to rid the hair of enough drug toxins to test negative. We will describe the method here. We did not develop this method, nor are we promoting it; use at your own risk. Also, you can discover drug testing myths.

What Is The Macujo Method And How Does It Work?

The Macujo Method is a method developed to beat a hair drug test. It was apparently developed by a guy on a weed message forum who needed to beat a hair drug test. Keep reading FMAHealth to get know more about it.


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Items Needed For The Macujo Method to Beat a Hair Test for Weed
  • Shower cap
  • Pink Clean and Clear acne wash
  • Pack of liquid Tide detergent
  • Goggles
  • Disposable Gloves
  • White vinegar
  • Warm water
  • Ultra Clean by Zydot – shampoo for Macujo method
  • Toxin rid shampoo with Aloe – propylene glycol shampoo
  • Towel
  • Sink
  • New, or cleaned combs

Macujo Method Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Put on your gloves and goggles. First, rinse your hair fully to remove oils and residues on the surface of the hair shaft. This will allow access to the hair cuticle by the chemicals to come, which will open and flush the hair shaft.
  2. Locate the white vinegar, any store brand or Heinz will be fine. Work it into the hair, make sure you get down to the scalp. It contains acetic acid which will help get open the hair shaft.
  3. With the vinegar still in, take the Clean and Clear Pink Acne Wash. It contains salicylic acid which will help break open and flush the hair cuticle.
  4. Now put on your shower cap and leave the mixture in your hair for a total of 30 minutes. Then, rinse hair thoroughly.
  5. Now you’re ready to shampoo with Old Style Aloe Rid Detox shampoo. The reason we use this shampoo is that it contains propylene glycol. Long ago, it was made by Nexxus as a shampoo to remove toxins from the hair and became popular. Nexxus stopped making this version for unknown reasons. If indeed it removes toxins from the hair cuticle, the only way to do that is to damage the hair, so this is a possibility as to why they stopped making it. However, people needing to pass hair drug tests were already hungry for the original formula. Enter, testclear website. They started making the old formula. Shampoo and rinse.
  6. Now take a few drops of Tide detergent and shampoo with it. We are not telling you this is safe. We are describing what people do. Use it at your own risk. Tide contains proteases that break down proteins in hair. Scalp damage is possible.
  7. Now shampoo with Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo.
  8. Do this 3 times on the day before the test. Do it once the day of the test.

How well does the Macujo method work?

Online, there are claims on sites like Reddit that the method has worked. One study showed, however, those hair treatments that damage the hairdo indeed reduce drug metabolites and further that the amount of drug residues released is equal to the amount of damage done to the hair (Elsué and Yegles). For this reason, it is likely that the Macujo method will reduce some drug metabolites in the hair. The issue is that it may be of dubious safety. It may damage the hair, scalp, and could even damage the eyes.

We estimate this approach to be second best, after the Jerry G Method. The upside is the Jerry G Method takes 10 days while the Macujo Method can be done in 3 to 1 days.

The Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do make sure all ingredients get to the 1.5 inches of hair closest to the scalp.
  • Do put on your gloves and goggles.
  • Do use the process more than once.
  • Do include good detox shampoos.
  • Don’t get the ingredients in your eyes or on your hands. Use gloves and goggles.
  • Don’t cut your hair.
  • Don’t use old, dirty combs which may have old drug residues in it.
  • Don’t fight through the pain. If something hurts, that’s because it’s causing damage. Abort mission or at the least, modify it to make it more comfortable.
  • Don’t spend a crazy amount on detox shampoo.

Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo + Zydot Ultra Clean

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Pros and cons

  • It can be done in one day.
  • It doesn’t require bleaching or dyeing your hair.
  • Uses the most reliable detox shampoos.
  • It can damage the hair, scalp, skin, or eyes.
  • It can cause an allergic reaction.
  • It does not have any direct scientific studies behind it.

Macujo vs. Jerry G Method

The Jerry G Method is a method of getting drug residues out of the hair which takes 10 days. 10 days out, you bleach and dye your hair your natural hair color and wash with a detox shampoo. Then the day before the test, you do this again. A study in Forensic Science International in 2019 showed that this method significantly reduces metabolites of all drugs including opioids, amphetamines, meth and THC.

As FMAHealth claims, the upside of the Jerry G Method is that it has direct scientific backing. Also, since many people have bleached and dyed their hair before, they already know if their scalp is sensitive to the ingredients, whereas, with the Macujo Method, you can’t be certain how your skin will react to the ingredients. Also, if something goes awry, you can take it up with the product manufacturer if you have dyed your hair, whereas, if you have misused Tide detergent by putting it in your hair and have a bad reaction, you’re pretty much on your own since you did not use the product as intended.


Q:  What is the best shampoo for passing a hair drug test?
A:  Rumor has it that Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid from testclear website is the best detox shampoo to pass a hair follicle drug test. It contains an ingredient called propylene glycol which is believed to be what is able to help get drug residues out of the hair.

The second choice is Ultra Clean from Zydot. One research study confirms that it gets a small number of drug metabolites from the hair (Röhrich, Zörntlein, and Pötsch). A study in the International Journal of Legal Medicine in 2000 showed reductions in concentrations of morphine, THC, cocaine and other drugs after one treatment with Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo. The study concluded however that one shampoo alone wasn’t enough to drop levels below detection. This is what the other steps in the Macujo method may be able to do.

Q:  What are the hair follicle drug detection times?

A: Drug residues are detectable in the hair 5 to 7 days after use. A hair shaft drug test will detect residues deposited within the last 90 days.

Q:  How long does marijuana stay in your hair follicles?
A: Marijuana will stay in the first 1.5 inches of your hair shaft for 90 days.

Q:  Will It Work for All Types of Drugs?
A:  Theoretically, yes. If the hair shaft is damaged, any and all drug metabolites will be less detectable.

Q: Does the Macujo method damage hair?
A:  Yes. The afore-cited study shows that damaging the hair shaft with chemicals is what makes the drug metabolites less detectable, and the more damage, the more drug metabolites come out of the hair. However, if the hair is clearly fried, the tester may take hair from the armpit or groin instead, so you don’t want to obliterate your hair.

Q:  Can you use the Macujo method on body hair?
A:  Yes, you can. Keep in mind different areas of the body have skin with different levels of sensitivity. Though one area may not be reactive, you might react in another area. Body folds like the armpit and groin folds can have some of the most sensitive skin.


The Macujo Method may help you pass a hair drug test. But, you should consider it an act of desperation since the chemicals could damage your skin or eyes. If you know your skin to be sensitive and reactive, you may be better off using the Jerry G Method, or removing a few steps from the Macujo method such as the use of Tide detergent on the hair and scalp. Also, do not forget that Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid and Zydot Ultra Clean are obligatory items.


Elsué, Nicolas Van and Michel Yegles. “Influence of cosmetic hair treatments on cannabinoids in hair: Bleaching, perming and permanent coloring.” Forensic Science International 297 (2019): 270-276. 19 1 2020.
Röhrich, J., et al. “Effect of the shampoo Ultra Clean on drug concentrations in human hair.” International Journal of Legal Medicine 113.2 (2000): 102-106. 18 1 2020.


  • Carolyn Gaughan

    Carolyn Gaughan is an ex-executive vice president of the Kansas Academy of Family Physicians and represents the state associations of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians.