Common Drug Testing Myths

Different misconceptions about drug testing are going common over the internet-concealing the real facts with a plethora of myths-thus challenging the best practices of the drug screening process. Bazillions falsified statements, misconceptions, and myths need debunking with facts to help the employees pass their drug test with accuracy and peace of mind. Keep on reading FMA Health article to get more about these myths and facts.

Myth: You can Pass a Drug Test By Using Someone Else’s Pee

Fact: The fact is that the drug testing procedures are more flexible, operational, and accurate than in the past. A device is used to check the temperature of the sample urine which must be about 98.5 degrees. If the sample is at room temperature, then you will be considered faulty and have to provide another sample. You should know,  what type of test is coming to choose the most appropriate passing strategy. Supervised drug tests are considered being fmore challenging than screening with no observer.

Myth: Passing Marijuana Drug Testing Is Difficult-Marijuana Stays Indefinite In Body

Fact: Marijuana is one of the most typical and common types of drug testing at the workplace to make it safe and secure. Though different misperceptions make it excruciating for the employee to take the right step to pass the marijuana drug test. The fact is, the time for which marijuana stays in your body depends upon the frequency and habit of use. For acute or occasional use, the detection time for marijuana is about three to four days from the last dose. While for chronic or heavy use, marijuana can be detected for about thirty days in the system.

Myth: If My Urine Is Clear I will Pass a Drug Test

In fact, the drug test can result positive even if you are not intaking any drugs. Various factors govern the detection of drugs in the urine including the toxicology time, body metabolism, and time for the detection process. Different medications can also cause positive urine test results, including over-the-counter medications like suppressants and antidepressants.

Myth: All Drugs Remain In The Urine For the Same Amount of Time

Fact: Each drug screened for urine testing has its own window detection time, also differs from the saliva, blood, or sweat tests. Urine drug screen detection time depends on various biological and physical factors. Some drugs remain in the urine for one to two days like cocaine, while marijuana can stay in the urine for about ninety days.

Drug Screen Detection Time:

Amphetamine2-4 days
Cocaine2-4 days
Morphine2-4 days
Opiates2-4 days
Ecstasy1-3 days

Myth: Drinking A Lot Of Water Can Pass Urine Drug Test

Fact: Most employees tend to adopt adulteration or dilution methods to beat the urine drug test. The fact is, drinking a lot of water cannot help to pass a drug test-it is truly a false statement available in the online advertisement. Modern drug testing procedures can test the adulteration, dilution, and temptation resulting in the false-positive urine drug test. Creatinine level is mostly detected in the urine to report the dilution. The more you drink water the more is the chance of distortion of the creatinine level and cause positive or negative dilute results.

Myth: Saliva Drug Testing is Not Much Authentic than the Urine Testing

Fact: Saliva Drug Testing provides a more comprehensive assessment of the drugs intake and the resultant effect of the employee on the job performance. The saliva drug testing is more accurate because of the fact, it provides results that correspond to the blood tests. Additionally, a saliva test can locate the parent drug in the body that the urine test cannot. As long as the drug or its metabolite is available in the bloodstream, saliva testing can detect it. Moreover, a saliva drug test can locate the various type of compounds from alcohol to THC and cocaine, even nicotine also shows up in the saliva test.

Myth: Putting Bleach In Urine Can Help me Pass a Drug Test

Fact: As far as drinking bleach is harmful, employees add the bleach to urine either in powder or liquid form. While this is a fact that bleach can break the THC into metabolites but it has many downsides. It can work for the immunoassay drug test but not for the lab tests because technicians can detect the products of the reaction between the bleach and urine. Most importantly, bleach reacts with urine and gives red coloration that is visible to the naked eye.


Drug testing myths are serving as a source of anxiety and concern for the employees. The access to valid information lets the employees determine their detoxification process or abstain from taking drugs. Start with the start to gather the valid facts, how would know that you have passed your drug test and how long it will take to show up the results.

Also, keep in mind that you may receive false-positive drug test results due to some remedies and even food and drinks. Then, you should know that using adulterants, bleach, and drinking a lot of water cannot beat a drug test-these are myths and false statements. If you still have questions about drug testing, enjoy other FMAHealth articles.


  • Carolyn Gaughan

    Carolyn Gaughan is an ex-executive vice president of the Kansas Academy of Family Physicians and represents the state associations of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians.