How to Hide Urine for a Supervised Drug Test: Female & Male Tips

Supervised drug tests can be a big deal and a turning point in people’s careers. It is common for males and females looking to pass a supervised drug test, to feel nervous and jittery about it, especially when they’re unsure about drug substances in their system.

However, there is indeed a way to pass the drug examination without detection. You can do this by hiding or swapping out the urine sample for the tests. It’s a precarious, illegal, and complicated process, but people can pull it off given the right tools and methods. In this article, we’ll be going through how to use fake pee for a drug test in female and male scenarios. Also, you should know, how long marijuana stays in system. Also, we strongly recommend you to read the article about drug testing questions

What is a Supervised Drug Test?

Supervised drug tests are periodic or random tests implemented and required by organizations and establishments for their workforce. It ensures that their employees don’t operate under the influence of illicit substances, thereby impeding productivity.

These bodies may also ask for a supervised drug test to establish that their employees have it takes to keep their sobriety while at work. Supervised drug tests are often highly specialized and expensive; companies reserve them for susceptible job positions.

As FMA Health claims, another point to note is that a supervised drug test breaches your privacy, and you must have agreed to it during your hiring and onboarding process. The primary forms in which supervised drug tests can exist are:

Close Observation Testing

A direct observation drug test involves an observer witnessing the collection of the individual’s urine samples for the test. In a more unbridled term, someone else gets to watch you pee during direct observation testing. Also, you can read about dilute urine.


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Expectedly, this supervised testing form is controversial and a privacy breach to the employee. So, it will be challenging to use Powdered Urine. In most cases, direct observation sample collection is illegal, and organizations make an unsupervised approach instead.

It bears mentioning that hiding or faking a urine sample in a direct observation sample collection is highly difficult. In other words, it is dilute urine. If you are afraid of potential troubles, that may appear due to this, try a detox drink instead.

Unobserved Monitoring Sample Collection

The Monitoring sample collection is the preferred alternative to direct observation testing. Under this method, the testing panel would monitor your sample collection without breaching your privacy.

Typically, they’d only stand outside the stall in which you go to pee. The monitors may be close by to listen for any strange or unusual noises. Since they don’t get to see you, the organization may use a same-gender monitor or a licensed medical practitioner who may not necessarily be your gender.

It means that you would need to be accurate when practising how to pass a urine drug test with someone else’s urine or synthetic urine samples.

However, you must remember that while you won’t have someone directly watching you pee, it is only slightly less complicated to fake your samples than the direct observation method. The monitors have the training to detect – in various ways – if you’re giving your urine sample. Consequently, they’d ask for the direct monitoring test immediately they see or hear something off.

These methods should give a clear picture of what to expect when a supervised drug test is coming up. Next, we’ll show you can successfully pass your urine drug test, whether you’re male or female.

How to Pass a Supervised Drug Test with Fake Urine: Male and Female Tips to Sneaking Urine Samples

Keep reading FMAHealth to get know more about it. The key to passing your supervised drug test is to give the observer or monitors no reason to suspect you. Since the sample collection is the most crucial part of the process, the recommendation is to swap out or fake your deposits with minimal detection.

Thankfully, there are several ways you can do it, each with various success chances. Some of the ways that are likely to go undetected are:

Sample Taping

The method involves attaching a pre-extracted urine sample to the body right before beginning the supervised drug test. Generally, the urine bottle is attached to the torso with tape. A tape – or a simple rubber band – is necessary to hold the hose underneath the penis (for males) or above the vulva (for females).

However, note that sample taping only has a successful chance with the unobserved sample collection. You may not have as much luck in a close-observation scenario, as the observer might catch you fiddling with the pre-installed sample as you try to set it up.

Leg Strapping

You can also strap the fake sample to your leg or the thighs before getting into the stalls. For this method, you’d need a leg strap that would hold the sample bottle in place. However, the sample must remain warm, as that’s how to get the urine to the right temperatures for a drug test. There are hand warmers you can use for this purpose to ensure the sample bottle maintains body temperature.

Also, you’d want to strap the handwarmer opposite to the sample bottle, as it keeps it away from sight behind the thighs or legs.

Underwear Stashing

The fake sample can go in your underwear or a swimming trunk if that’s what you’re wearing. You may or may not tape it directly to your person, as this method requires your quick judgment and discretion.

You can tape the sample bottle to your thigh or groin with a joint wrap or a little duct tape, then wear your underwear.

Swapping out samples is not always illegal, and if you’re sure you won’t be breaking any law in the testing process, you can refuse to pee in the presence of an observer. The premise is that a refused test is better and more honorable than a failed one, so far as it’s not for a court injunction or probation.

Companies are likely to resort to an unobserved approach, especially if you threaten with legal action. For other less severe reasons such as sports or heavy vehicle driving, telling the organizers that you can’t pee with someone else watching it is something they’d likely respect.

You’d need a lot of practice to use these stashing methods. Ultimately, if you get caught trying to swap out urine samples, the organizers can charge you to court, even when it is not explicitly illegal in that case.

What to Wear to the Drug Test?

Given how intricate and intense hiding urine samples for a drug test can be, you must wear the right dress for the occasion. The right wear allows you to hide the fake models better and reduce your chances of getting caught.

Firstly, it’s best to wear loose-fitting dresses to a drug test, as they have a lower chance of highlighting the rigs you have underneath. For females to pass a supervised drug test, they might want to go for something that “hug” your features less – especially the hips and thighs.

Also, plain colors have a higher tendency of allowing an observer to see through them, so you might want to wear something with print and designs. Lastly, wear something short, like short-sleeved blouses and shirts, which lowers suspicions at the start of the supervised drug testing.

What to Avoid When Smuggling in Synthetic Urine at the Lab?

You would be undertaking a risky venture trying to bring fake pee to your supervised drug test, which means you need to be cautious as much as possible. It is imperative that you avoid the numerous pitfalls, even when you’ve got the tools and techniques. Below are mistakes you need to avoid as you try to smuggle fake samples into your drug test.

Not Practicing

Even when you’ve gone to great lengths to getting fake pee gears, you still have to get them through the drug panels and observers. The last thing you want is to get caught with those tools and have your test come out dirty. Unfortunately, one of the ways that could happen is not practicing your moves beforehand.

When you don’t practice using fake pee samples, you’re more likely to fumble more visibly when using them in the actual drug test. The observers tend to keep a keen eye for unusual moves and would catch you once you make too much of a noise.

You may take practice sessions with friends to simulate an unobserved monitoring scenario and maybe try out cases where the person has to look directly at you. Another thing you don’t want to forget is the urine temperature.

You may need to learn how to keep pee warm for a drug test as a female. The deposit needs to be as warm as it would have been if you peed normally. Therefore, practicing how to use hand warmers to maintain the temperature of pee for a drug test should be in most cases.

Not Leaving Deposits in the Toilet Bowl after Taking a Sample

Another mistake you should avoid is not leaving some deposits in the toilet after swapping the samples. One trick test observers use to test your sample’s authenticity is checking that you’ve left some pee in the bowl.

Since you’d be using fake pee, you have two options: one of which is by dropping some of the fake pee in the bowl. Another thing you can do is by actually peeing into the bowl after you’re through.

Best Synthetic Urine Kit Reviews and Fake Pee Brands to Pass a Drug Test

Some of the best fake piss for a drug test that you can find from brands include:

The Urinator

For males, you can use the Urinator to smuggle your fake pee. It’s got a “catheter” design that sits on the genitals and has a hose coming out of it. It’s small and has a discrete profile, so you would be doing very little in the way of hiding it.


Powdered Human Urine

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The Urinator

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It also comes with a waistband that you can seamlessly attach to the insides of underwear or swimming trunks. The rubber material and 1-liter capacity mean it fits in most supervised testing scenarios.

The Whizzinator

The Whizzinator is another veritable fake pee kit you can use for your drug test. It’s got a fake penis that lowers your chances of getting caught even in a close observation situation. What’s more, you can have the fake genital match your skin tone. However, try not to pull it out all the way and practice a few times before the actual drug test.

Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Belt

The Monkey Whizz synthetic belt is a popular product from the Monkey Bizzness brand. It is a fake pee product that is convincing and hard to detect when used in a supervised drug test. It has a slim heat pad along the beltlines, so you have to get a standalone handwarmer.

Overall, the monkey whizz synthetic urine belt has a discrete build without the conventional bottle shape.

Monkey Dong

It is a more advanced and expensive version of the synthetic urine belt. For your money, you get up to four heat pads, a prosthetic penis, and a syringe that dispenses the fake urine. You can have the penis match your skin tone, and all you need to do is squeeze the Monkey Dong when you wish to start and stop the flow.

Quick Fix 6.2

Quick Fix 6.2 stands out by being a compact package with everything you need to pass a supervised drug test. You’d find about two fl—Oz of fake pee, a heating pad, and a temp strip for your urine test. The synthetic urine kits have most of the components you’d expect to show up in regular drug tests, such as creatine, foam, and protein.

Incognito Belt plus

This contraption, Clear Choice Incognito Belt is a gravity-operated fake urine sample that deftly mimics human pee. The exciting thing about it is that it works for both genders and can blend into just about any dress you wear.

It’s also got heat pads for the samples, but you must know that it only lasts for about 8 hours.


Getting the right gear for your upcoming drug test may be necessary if you’re not sure you’re clean. The tips, methods, and kits mentioned above are there to give you an idea of what to expect in a typical test setting, how you can swap samples, and your chances of doing so.

Remember that you need to check if it’s legal for you to fake your urine samples. For a court-sanctioned test, you might want to reconsider your stance as you could get charged when caught. Lastly, we recommend that you take the article as educational content and not the basis for making your decisions. Also, you may receive false positive drug test. Read more to discover, why it may happens.


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