How to pass a swab test with Listerine strips?

You’re probably on this post because you wish to know how to pass a drug test. Unfortunately, every drug test employs different procedures. Therefore, employees or subjects require different techniques to pass them.

Additionally, some tests are much easier to cheat through than others, and oral swab tests are among them.

One way to obtain the desired test result is to avoid drug abuse entirely. However, this is an ideal situation. Hence we will delve into some alternative solutions. But first, let’s understand the particulars of a swab test.

Mouth Swab Drug Test

Before teaching you how to pass a mouth swab drug test for amazon or another workplace, we’ll brief you on what it is.

It is an oral drug test procedure to identify drug usage. It’s also known as an oral fluids drug test or a saliva drug test.

Furthermore, the usage of saliva drug testing as a substitute for urine drug tests is increasing. This is because it’s simpler to administer them. Moreover, the samples are nearly hard to tamper with because they are gathered in front of the test-giver.

They are used for various purposes, including post-accident testing, random or period testing, and pre-employment screening. In addition, on reasonable suspicion, several police departments utilize saliva doping tests for highway drug testing. Wanna know how to pass oral drug test? Keep reading.

The Methodology

A mouth swab test involves using a long Q-tip with a sponge-like substance at the end to swab the interior of your mouth or below your tongue. Furthermore, you could be requested to swipe the gadget or have it done for you.

Using this device, a saliva sample is collected and examined for the chemical you need to test for. A mouth swab drug test requires no preparation on your part and may be completed in a matter of minutes.

Usually, you are instructed to wait ten minutes before the test is administered without eating or drinking anything.

If the test-giver visited your residence or employment, they would have to transport the saliva swabs to their lab for analysis. But some results may be generated immediately, depending on the equipment used.

Further, many laboratories prefer the test because it yields accurate results. Within 48 hours, checkers can identify marijuana use in a person.

This has some advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you used drugs a week ago, you might rest easy. However, THC is detectable in the mouth for 48 hours, so surprise tests could get you in trouble.

THC-COOH is a by-product that the body produces after metabolizing THC. Further, checkers look for it in urine tests. It can be found in both feces and urine.

However, saliva tests are unique because they check for delta-9 THC or active THC. The substance is what causes hallucinations after consuming or inhaling marijuana.

Duration of THC in Saliva

To understand how long THC can linger in your saliva, we looked into one research from the Journal of Toxicology.

As per this, six participants were instructed to smoke marijuana for two weeks, one with 1.75% THC and the other with 3.55% THC.

Next, the saliva samples from each trial were examined for THC levels. Accordingly, one sample had a THC content of 5800 ng/ml 12 minutes after smoking began.

This concentration had decreased to 81 ng/ml for about 20 minutes. Next, researchers conducted a further test 12 hours following the initial test. This revealed that the THC levels in the saliva samples had dropped to less than one ng/ml.

The researchers observed that all patients showed this tendency of elevated initial THC concentration levels. However, shortly after consumption, the THC levels dropped.

They said that the decrease in concentration levels over time shows that THC may be absorbed straight from the lips and into circulation.

The study mentioned above shows that THC remains in your oral cavity for twelve hours after a smoke. However, the good news is that the percentage deteriorates over time.

Furthermore, according to the test type, the cut-off level used by most labs ranges from 10 to 25 ng/ml.  Hence, smoking a joint well before your test date could easily let you get your desired results.

How to Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test

The ideal way is to drop drug usage permanently. However, another method involves Listerine. A typical concern when trying to cheat the test is how far back will a mouth swab drug test go.

The good news is that swab drug test can only detect substance indulgence 12-48 hours prior, as discussed earlier. This significant point will be helpful when we discuss the steps to pass your test despite drug use.

So, how to pass a saliva drug test?

48 Hours of No Drugs

The test can detect THC and other drugs taken up to 48 hours prior. Accordingly, if you have been notified of the test’s date, be wise and abstain.

However, you might be in trouble if it’s a surprise test. Regardless, you may be able to pass it if you’re lucky, so it’s worth a try.

Hence, we advise you to follow the steps accurately to increase your chances of passing the swab drug test.

Eating the Right Food

Concentrated and dilute solutions have much to do with the question, “how to pass saliva drug test?” Here the solution comprises THC as solute and your saliva as the solvent.

A concentrated solution means there are more THC molecules, and they will more easily be detected. However, if a solution is dilute, it means there is a significantly smaller quantity of THC compounds in your saliva.

Consequently, your chances of failing the tests will decrease.

So, how can you dilute your saliva if you have recently used drugs? There are three ways to do so:

  • Eat and drink more
  • Intake saliva stimulating and moisturizing foods
  • Avoid carbonated and mouth-drying foods

First, change your lifestyle temporarily and frequent your oral cavity with more items. This will help remove any THC remnants from your mouth. Furthermore, don’t just focus on increasing your liquid intake; try to consume more solid foods.

Next, you must keep your mouth moisturized. This is a primary practice in diluting your saliva. Foods that help your glands secrete more saliva in your mouth will help you stay hydrated. Thus, below is a list of foods that benefit your health.

  1. Carrot
  2. Apple
  3. Lemon
  4. Cucumber
  5. Pepper
  6. Cheese

Lastly, in addition to abstaining from drugs, you must avoid consuming popcorn, salty foods and desserts. These condiments may concentrate the saliva and cause a dry mouth resulting in THC residue remaining in your oral cavity.

Go All Out on Oral Hygiene

This step is 80% of the answer to your question, “how to pass mouth swab test?” Moreover, if you asked us, we’d say you just can’t do enough of this.

You can achieve excellent oral hygiene by brushing twice daily and weekly flossing too. However, the aim is to remove THC and substances from your mouth.

Therefore, you will have to amp things up and brush your teeth at least four times.

Additionally, the usual two minutes aren’t enough either. Your brushing time needs to double, just like your frequency. Therefore, try to go at it for four to five minutes.

Get into all the crevices and nooks of your mouth, the farthest part of your teeth, and all the hard-to-get spots. Further, don’t forget your gums and all parts of your tongue. However, don’t be too rough with the brush, as you might damage your skin.

Moreover, you should also employ floss to access the spaces between your teeth. Further, paying particular attention to this step on the first testing day is vital.

The Magic Ingredient

Now, let’s get to the question, how to pass an oral drug test using Listerine?

The steps we have discussed previously are for the days before the test. However, this step is vital on your test day, precisely hours before giving your specimen.

Accordingly, consume and drink as many saliva-stimulating substances as you can. Consequently, this will make it as challenging to discover THC in your saliva as a salt granule in a sack of wheat.

Furthermore, go to the restroom and clean your teeth, but this time, brush hard. Go from brushing four minutes to 20 minutes. Make sure you use at least one container of toothpaste for optimal results.

To ensure your success, you will need a magic ingredient, Listerine.

The doctors advise gargling with Listerine at least four times, holding it in your mouth for about a minute, and then splashing it down the sink.

The most rigorous method would be to put Listerine in your oral cavity and leave it there for a beat. Next, spit it out, wait for a minute, and then repeat the process.

Remember that if you keep Listerine on for too long, it can hurt. However, to clear the drug test, you must become more resilient.

Immediately Before the Test

The clock is ticking, and your test is only 60 minutes away. However, this isn’t the time to relax; instead, it’s time to become even more vigilant.

In your cheeks, apply two Listerine strips. Next, drink water before arriving at the testing location. After giving them time to disintegrate, lay another strip beneath your tongue. This is done to remove leftover THC molecules after swishing or brushing.

The strips are crucial, although you can buy candy if you don’t have any. Additionally, it is simple to locate at nearby medicine stores.

Swish Listerine one more time before entering the lab and submitting the sample. Rinse your mouth out with water after swishing. Finally, add two additional strips when you’re finished.

The SOPs of How to Pass A Mouth Swab Test

Now that you know how to cheat through your swab test, let’s summarise some basics.

Below are a few things you should avoid and those you should do to ace your test.

The Do’s

  • Buy a testing kit and try to perform the test using the abovementioned method. Ensure you get enough practice to get the desired results on test day.
  • Practice keeping your cool. If you are anxious, you might raise suspicion and jeopardize your plan.
  • Chew on some gum before going into the test. This can help change your mouth’s PH levels and make the THC undetectable.
  • Purchase the Listerine strips well in advance to avoid any slip-ups. Further, you should place a pack in your office drawer permanently.
  • Utilize a whole tube of toothpaste while brushing your teeth to ensure the method works.
  • Wake up earlier than usual to have enough time to clear your mouth sufficiently.

The Dont’s

  • Abstain from all substance abuse immediately when you learn about your test date.
  • Before your test day, avoid drying or highly salty/sweet foods. This can cause a dry mouth and saliva saturation.
  • Avoid hanging out in social gatherings with access to drugs, as this can lead to accidentally letting your guard down.

Remedies to Increase Your Chances of Passing

The Listerine method will likely work. However, it’s always a good idea to try multiple methods to cleanse yourself.

Thus, below are a few remedies to help you increase your chances and boost the effects of the Listerine strips.

Candy and Gum

Chewing gum, mints, and candy-containing sweets have all been shown to increase salivation. Furthermore, they can alter the pH and saturation of certain medications in the saliva.

Consequently, the quantity of substance in the participant’s system may decrease to a point below the detection threshold. However, this depends on the drug present.

Additionally, this kind of adulteration also has transient effects.

Detoxifying Liquids

Detox beverages are most frequently used for urinary drug tests. However, their advertising also claims they will remove any signs of drug usage from saliva. In most circumstances, this is untrue.

Nevertheless, you can drink it right before the examination. Consequently, it could momentarily reduce the level of certain active substances in the saliva.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an antibacterial that may be used as a mouthwash for detoxification or to disinfect wounds for cleaning. This antiseptic removes drug residues from your saliva in a 3% solution.

If you choose this approach, be careful not to swallow the solution as it might harm your internal organs and result in other health issues.

For one minute, keep the mixture in your mouth. Then, swallow it back and forth while gargling. Next,  spit out the liquid and wash your mouth out.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Bacteria in the mouth may be effectively removed with apple cider vinegar. Furthermore, some people tried drinking vinegar to clear their drug tests because of this.

Unfortunately, we are still determining its effectiveness in this regard. Nevertheless, if you try it, you’ll at least maintain good oral health, albeit maybe not be drug-free.

2 tablespoons of water should be added to 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Then, use the mixture to gargle in your mouth. Next,  spit the mixture out and wash your mouth.

Does the Listerine Method Work?

The Listerine method works perfectly, according to various reviews on Quora. For instance, one user mentioned she did pot 11 hours before her test. However, using Listerine and vigorous brushing along with enough water helped her pass easily.

Another user on parole could use this method to pass oral swab tests multiple times. Further, he stated that oral drug tests are the easiest to pass among the various types of tests.

Moreover, one user, even said she, could pass it with a cup of coffee and Listerine strips. Additionally, she didn’t even do vigorous brushing.

Thus, you must not worry if there is an immediate inspection. Instead, you can swiftly run to the toilet, brush your teeth, use Listerine, and chew some candy.

However, it is always wise to prepare yourself beforehand.

Final Words on How to Pass A Swab Test with Listerine Strips

Most enterprises employ various types of drug tests to keep a check on employees. The reason behind this no-drug policy is mainly related to productivity in the workplace.

Additionally, companies expect discipline and professionalism from employees. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to obtain this if the employees indulge in conscious-altering substances.

Furthermore, since various states have legalized marijuana, these workplace policies have gotten more vigilant.

However, it can be a little extreme to lose career opportunities simply because of drugs. Therefore, we wouldn’t advise you to use drugs. Despite this, if you find yourself stuck in a situation where you have no other way out, these hacks and remedies can be a lifesaver.

However still, the best way to pass this test is to abstain. Regardless, in order Listerine is the best option to eradicate any remnants of the previous night’s fun. Also, you can combine the other home remedies to get the best results.

Additionally, you can try using drugs on Fridays, which may give you a whole weekend to let them get out of your saliva. However, if your workplace conducts other, more efficient tests to detect substances, you may have to take stricter measures.