Rescue Detox Ice Drink Product Review

Brief Introduction

Rescue detox ice drink reviews show that it is becoming increasingly popular among people searching for ways to pass the drug test. This detox drink helps to cleanse your body of drug traces and unwanted toxins. The Rescue Detox Drink provides you with effective results and will last for up to 5 hours. The product includes natural ingredients and is free of artificial sweeteners, synthetic dyes, and artificial flavors. The drink will show its effects within 90 minutes and keep your body cleansed of toxins, free radicals, and weed traces.

Overall Description

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) found that 1 in 10 people who use weed become addicted. However, it is no secret that almost every company in the United States requires applicants to pass a drug to qualify for the position. If you are a drug addict and looking for a way to pass the drug test, then you can use Rescue detox ice drink to pass a drug test. Rescue Detox Ice Drink Product Review

What Ingredients Rescue Detox Ice Drink Contain?

This detox drink contains vitamin B1, B2, B12, and B6 that help increase energy in your body and gives urine a yellow color, which masks dilution. In addition, it contains Vitamin C that plays a crucial role in cell metabolism. Sodium in this detox drink provides your body with electrolytes, which help water absorb. The potassium in the product provides electrolytes that prevent water intoxication.

Stevia leaf extract, polydextrose, and katemfe fruit extract in the product serve as a natural sweetener, whereas sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate act as electrolyte and preservative. In addition, potassium chloride in this detox drink serves as an electrolyte and hibiscus flower extract serves as a diuretic. The fructose included in the product is a natural sugar that helps balance electrolytes in your body.

Besides, hydrolyzed collagen in the drink will help improve your kidney function, whereas the citric acid added in the drink boosts cell metabolism. The drink also contains beetroot extract that provides coloring to pee and also helps expand your blood vessels. Psyllium seed husk in the drink detoxifies your digestive tract and serves as a laxative.

It also contains cranberry and pomegranate fruit extract, which work as an effective diuretic. While milk thistle detoxifies your liver, insulin will stabilize your creatinine levels by modulating your kidney function. The herb extract from Echinacea purpurea in the drink helps boost your immune system and works as a laxative. Other than this, Rescue Detox Ice Drink contains vegetable extract, creatine monohydrate, purified water, and natural flavor.

Using the Detox Ice Drink

If you have a drug test coming up, you might have decided to take this drink to detoxify your body and pass the test. Chances are, you will be thinking about the preparation method. If that is the case, here are the Rescue detox ice drink instructions that will help you prepare the drink.

After knowing how to use the Rescue detox ice drink, you will be able to prepare and drink it easily. Nevertheless, it is important to mention here that before you have a drug test, be sure to stop using all the drugs, including marijuana, or cannabis that could cause you high. Keep in mind this could detect the presence of weed in your body and thereby you will not be able to pass the test. The following are the simple and easy directions that you must follow while taking the drink to ensure that you pass the drug test.

It is important for passing the drug test that your body does not contain toxins for as long as possible before your test. Usually, you need 48 hours of toxin-free time before cleansing. Water serves as a catalyst in body purification, therefore, make sure to increase your water consumption. It will be very helpful in the cleansing process. However, do not drink too much water on the day of your test and follow specific directions on the packaging for consuming an appropriate amount of water.

Do not eat any food before and after taking Rescue Detox Drink or else the food will absorb the drink contents. Experts recommend not eating for 3-hours before and after taking the product. Moreover, avoid eating foods that are filling, greasy, or fatty. After taking the Rescue Detox Drink, make sure to urinate to flush out the toxins from your body. You will need to urinate three times to have an effective cleaning result.

Since the Rescue Detox Drink comes in two serving sizes, there is something you need to know before buying it. The 17oz. the drink is for people having a weight less than 200lbs or the ones who have high toxin levels. If you are one of them, shake the bottle well and ensure to drink all the content.

Then, refill the same bottle with water and drink within the next 30-minutes. The 32oz. the drink is for those that have extreme toxin levels and weigh more than 200 pounds. The same instructions go for these users for consuming this detox drink. Note that, Rescue Detox Drink will not help you pass the saliva test.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates of Rescue Detox Ice Drink

Applied Sciences, the manufacturer of this detox drink offers a wide range of detox products, among which the Rescue Detox Drink is a common product that people commonly choose when they are having a drug test. Now you do not need to worry about passing the drug test since Rescue detox ice drink for THC detox will help you pass the weed detox.

The manufacturer of Rescue Detox Drink, Applied Sciences, guarantees that their product will help you with passing the drug test, particularly when you follow the directions properly. While coming across the customer reviews, the statement is true as most people passed the drug test using Rescue Detox Drink. The ones who failed the drug test did not follow the directions properly.

Here is the legal disclaimer for the product: the actual product materials and packaging may contain different or more information than on our site. We recommend that you do not rely on the information presented.

Make sure to read the directions, labels, and warnings before using or consuming this detox drink. Note that, Applied Sciences backs this detox drink with a 100% money-back guarantee. Therefore, if you fail your test, you can contact them and they will refund you 100 percent of your purchase price.

For contact and further details, you can visit their office at 14747 N. Northsight BlvdSuite 111-196Scottsdale, AZ 85260or website, telephone at+1 480-556-8400, or contact them on [email protected].

Pros and Cons of Rescue Detox Ice Drink

Like other drug detox products, Rescue Detox Ice Drink has some advantages and disadvantages that you must know before buying this product. Nevertheless, it is important to mention here that this drink helps in flushing out the cannabis traces and toxins from urine.

The Advantages of Using Rescue Detox Ice Drink for Urine Drug Test

Following are the pros of Rescue Detox Ice Drink:

  • This drink is widely available on popular online stores online and in real-world market
  • It contains natural sweeteners
  • The product includes quite safe diuretic herbs
  • It will be effective for 5 hours
  • The product contains sodium and potassium that balances urine and blood electrolytes
  • It contains vitamin B that increase energy and give urine a yellow color
  • The drink includes creatine that helps raise creatinine levels

The Disadvantages of Using Rescue Detox Ice Drink for Urine Drug Test

Following are the cons of Rescue Detox Ice Drink:

  • There is not enough information available on its manufacturer’s site
  • The dilution from the product may sometimes be detected through more sensitive tests
  • The product costs more than doing dilution on your own
  • This drink does not contain zinc, which helps thwart drug tests
  • It contains laxatives that can cause diarrhea and interrupt your drug test

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Frequently Asked Questions about Rescue Detox Drink

Find out some common questions related to Rescue Detox Drink here. These FAQs will certainly help you in making the right decision.

  1. What role does creatine play?

It is no secret that drug tests measure the creatinine levels in your body to prevent dilution of the urine sample. Note that, it is a byproduct of creatinine metabolism. When you drink plenty of water to dilute your urine, you will need to raise the creatinine levels to pass the test. For this reason, Rescue Detox Drink includes ingredients that increase the creatinine levels in your body.

  1. Why Rescue Detox Drink has herbs?

While most of the herbs contain laxative and diuretic effects, this detox includes herbs that will increase the urine output. Other than this, the herbs in the product will help dilute urine to the extent that lab experts will not be able to detect the drug residues.

  1. Why does this drink include potassium and sodium?

When you drink plenty of water before the drug test, you will need to add electrolytes into your body to avoid becoming ill from water intoxication. Therefore, Rescue detox drink contains potassium and sodium that act as an electrolyte and fulfill the purpose of helping you pass the drug test.

  1. Does Rescue detox ice drink really work?

Yes, Rescue Detox Drink helps pass the urine drug test. Moreover, this product will also work for other drugs including cocaine, opiates, and weed.

  1. How long does it last?

If you are wondering how long the Rescue Detox Drink results last, it will last for at least 5 hours.

  1. Where to buy Rescue detox ice drink near me?

While there are many online shopping stores from where you can buy this detox drink, people commonly buy Rescue Detox Drink from GNC, Wal-Mart, or Amazon.

Customer Reviews

Following are the Rescue detox ice drink Zedge collectibles reviews.

Positive Reviews

The user confirms that Rescue Detox Drink worked well and helped to pass the drug test.

The consumer is satisfied and agrees here that the product was effective.

Negative Reviews

The user says the product did not work in his or her case. This is probably because he or she would not have followed the directions properly.

The product did not work in this user’s case.

Social Media Review

This person used Rescue Detox Drink and passed the drug test.


Rescue Detox Drink is among the popular detoxifying products to pass a urine drug test. After considering the reviews for the drink, it is clear that this product can help remove toxins and drug traces from your blood and urine, helping you pass the drug test. However, make sure to follow the instructions properly to get 100% positive results.

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