Does Clear Choice Sub Solution Really Work?

It’s time for the annual drug test in your company, and you are worried about whether you will pass it or not. Your main goal now is to find a Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine near you. For those of you who are also in the same situation, you might have one question in mind, does Clear Choice Sub Solution really work? Continue reading this post to find out the answer.

How Does a Urine Drug Test Work?

The majority of employers require their new and old employees to take a urine drug test. One benefit of the urine drug test is that the company can keep a drug-free working environment. Keeping your employees focused on their work can boost productivity and lower the risk of accidents.

Immunoassay is a type of urine drug test that provides fast results and cost less than others. But, it cannot detect all opioids. The test may also provide false-positive results. A confirmation test is done through gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) when this happens.

The GC/MS test applies the same procedure for collecting the specimen as the immunoassay. But it is more expensive, and the waiting time is longer. The good thing about GC/MS is that false-positive result is very rare. If you need a drug test that provides same-day results, you cannot use these tests. Keep in mind, that lifehack for urine drug testing does not fit for other tests. For example, if you want to know, how to pass an oral drug test, read about mouth swab testing instead.

Steps on How to Take the Urine Drug Test

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  • You will be given a specimen cup for your urine sample.
  • To ensure no urine switching occurs, you will be asked to leave all your belongings in another room as you take the test. The person administering the test will also ask you to empty your pockets.
  • In some instances, a same-gendered nurse or laboratory staff will accompany you in the bathroom to check if you are following the testing procedures. They will provide you the reasons why the test should be supervised.
  • Wash your genital area with a damp cloth that the laboratory staff provides.
  • Urinate into the cap and collect around 45 milliliters of the specimen.
  • When done urinating, cover the cup and give it to the technician.
  • They will check your urine’s temperature to make sure it is within the expected range.
  • You and the collector should guard your urine well until the specimen has been sealed and packaged for testing.

What is Clear Choice Sub Solution?

At present, Clear Choise Sub Solution Synthetic Urine is considered the best fake piss for drug test you can buy. It’s because it is a sophisticated type of synthetic urine available. It contains uric acid, urea, and other chemical markers present in human urine. The lab will check on these chemicals to determine if the sample is valid or not. So, the higher the percentage of these chemicals, the better.
Clear Choice does not contain biocide. Most brands of synthetic urine have biocide to preserve them. Clear Choice is a company with a good reputation and a high level of trust.

This synthetic urine is available in powder form and provides two good benefits than other fake urine in liquid form.

  • Reduces the possibility of cross-contamination, as it is easier to handle and work than the liquid form in the bottle.
  • Sneaking it inside the testing site is much easier, as testers are focus on liquid samples than powder.

The shelf life of powder form is much longer than liquid fake urine since you don’t have to worry about the ingredients settling at the bottom of the container. You can bring it anywhere without getting caught, so you will be safe if the situation requires unexpected urine tests.

Its formulation is quite complex, unlike other brands that can pass only home drug test kits. This brand is laboratory-certified to trick medical-grade equipment. Its success rate is relatively high and has been trusted by weed users worldwide.

Clear Choise Sub Solution Synthetic Urine replicates real urine, even its bacterial level. But you need to follow the instructions very well, or you might be in trouble. It is a very reliable product, but you have to do your part. All the things you need to do are clearly stated on the box, and if you are confused, you can contact their customer service to help you.

How Does Synthetic Urine Help Pass a Drug Test?

Keep reading FMA Health to get know more about it. Synthetic urine like Clear Choice Sub Solution is commonly known as fake urine others call it laboratory urine. It is a substance made to imitate the appearance, chemical properties, and composition of human urine. Just like human pee, it contains creatinine, ammonia, sulfates, urea, and uric acid.

Synthetic pee for drug test also has the same pH level and specific gravity as human urine. And because synthetic urine is almost identical to human pee, you can pass a drug test by submitting it instead of your urine without getting caught.

Below are some of the factors which makes laboratory staff thinks they are testing human urine:


Fake pee is not only any liquid and any color. Manufacturers of synthetic urine discovered how to develop fake urine that looks exactly like real urine. It has a warm yellowish color.

Creatinine Level

Makers of synthetic urine make sure laboratory personnel will have difficulty distinguishing between real and fake pee. They added something on it to mimic the creatinine level of authentic urine. It’s like it came out of your body.


The first-factor medical technologist would check to determine the authenticity of the urine is its temperature. So, the manufacturers of synthetic urine ensure it will have the same temperature.

pH Level

Synthetic urine has the same pH level as the original pee. A specific ingredient is responsible for keeping the pH level as close as the real urine.

Because of the factors mentioned above, synthetic urine is very helpful to pass the urine drug test without getting caught.

The Clear Choice Sub Solutions

Now that you know how Clear Choise Sub Solution Synthetic Urine work, you should know how to use the powder. Keep in mind the product is very reliable and many users have proved it. The secret is to read and follow the instructions very well.

Instructions on How to Use Clear Choice Sub Solutions

Using this synthetic urine is quite simple. The instructions are easy to follow:

  • Prepare a plastic bottle to mix the solution. Pour warm water into it.
  • Add Clear Choice powder to the bottle, cover it, and gently shake it until the solution is clear.
  • Check the temperature reading on the side. It should be as close to 1000F without going beyond that. Note that the strip will not be able to read the temperature if it is below 880F. So, if the strip does not show a reading, it means your temperature is not enough.
  • Increase the temperature by adding some heat activator powder to the bottle.
  • Shake the bottle gently for a few minutes and let it settle. Then, recheck the temperature. If it is still far from 1000F, you can add some heat activator again until you reach the desired temperature.

Clear Choice Sub Solution Ingredients

When buying synthetic urine, the formula used is an essential factor to consider. It should resemble the characteristics of human urine. If the specimen does not contain the right ingredients, the laboratory tech can get suspicious and detect that you are using fake pee.

Clear Choise Sub Solution Synthetic Urine synthetic urine contains the following ingredients:

  • Creatine
  • Urea
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Uric Acid

Uric acid and urea are the essential ingredients. Also, synthetic urine needs to have a realistic, specific gravity, pH level, color, appearance, and smell.

Sub Solution Review: Why Clear Choice?

Clear Choice Sub Solution is probably one of the best synthetic urine in the market. It is almost identical to real pee. The only difference is that it did not come from your body. If you want to pass a drug test using synthetic urine is the best thing you can do.

You just need to be careful when getting the right temperature. The temperature of your synthetic pee should be as close to 1000F so lab tech will not become suspicious.

Clear Choise Sub Solution Synthetic Urine package contains the patented Lithium Chloride granules to warm the Sub Solution up to the same temperature as the original urine. But some choose to use the cheaper version of synthetic pee.

Because of the latest development in synthetic urine, laboratories have changed their method of detecting fake pee. Instead of checking on the naturally occurring component of the original urine, they are now testing the sample for ingredients found in fake urine but absent in real urine.

They are focusing on preservatives known as the biocide. It is added to the synthetic urine to prevent the growth of bacteria. Generally, premised fake pee, which can be heated repeatedly, has preservatives. Biocide is added to prolong the product’s shelf life. Good thing Clear Choice Sub Solution does not contain biocide, making it is the best synthetic urine in the market.

So why Clear Choice, it is the best fake pee for job drug test that can beat lab equipment without getting caught.

What Makes Clear Choice Special?

Clear Choice Sub Solution is a medical-grade product and the best fake urine kit that can trick laboratory equipment. It is available in powder form, and it’s the only fake pee brand that is packaged this way. The product offers two vital benefits compared to others in liquid form. It is easier to handle, so it means less cross-contamination, and you will not have problems sneaking it into the testing area.

Conveniently, you can carry it anywhere you go. So, in case of unexpected urine tests, you are ready. The product is proven to fool even mechanical-grade lab equipment, and the success rate is high and is trusted by most weed smokers worldwide. Clear Choice can help you pass even sophisticated urinalysis tests. All you need to do is follow the instructions very well, and you are assured of getting the result you want.

Where Can You Get It?

Because of Clear Choice Sub Solution’s popularity, some people tried to imitate the brand. Make sure to purchase the product directly from the official manufacturer. You cannot find them on store shelves. Ordering online can be the best option, but you have to do it via their official website to avail of the many perks such as discounts.

You have to order the product directly from the manufacturer to ensure you get the legit one and not the imitation circulating the market. It is also worth a try to search for stores that sell synthetic urine near you. Clear Choise Sub Solution Synthetic Urine is not cheap at all, so make sure you have enough money for it.


Clear Choice Sub Solution is what you need to beat a drug test. It is one of the best brands in the market that will surely help you pass a urine test. Just make sure you follow the instructions very well. The process is simple and it is ready to use. Its effectiveness has been proven many times. You have to be careful when buying the product as there are lots of imitations in the market. Purchase it directly on the manufacturer’s website to make sure you get the legit one. You can also search online for stores that offer Clear Choice Sub Solution near you.

If this method is unacceptable for you, try detox methods instead and cleanse your system for real. For example, we highly recommend you to read about cranberry juice or sure jell.  Also, our advice is to check if there are any factors that may cause false positive drug test results.


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