Everything You Need To Know About Mobile Drug Test for Staff

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all facets of our lives, and the on-site drug testing companies’ facilities are one of the most affected. As a result of this, the American mobile drug testing business has evolved, and various companies have adopted it as an alternative drug testing procedure for their staff.

The consumption of alcohol and substance abuse in recent years has skyrocketed. As such, employers are putting in place measures to curtail such behavior among their staff.
Before, you had to send your workers to an off-site drug testing lab to carry out drug tests or to a free drug test clinic. However, with mobile drug testing, the laboratory is brought to your workplace. This has made the process of drug testing more accessible and less cumbersome. You can read our another article if you have questions about drug testing. If you already know details of coming process, you can

What Benefit Does Mobile Employee Drug Testing Provide?

If you are considering the mobile drug testing service, here are some of the benefits it has over the On-site drug testing laboratory:

Mobile Drug TestingOn-site drug testing
The introduction of mobile drug testing services has prevented absenteeism and encourages productivity.Employees going to an on-site lab to carry out drug tests gives room for absenteeism.
You get the test result immediately. This has eliminated the possibility of results manipulation.It takes time before the result gets to the company. This can easily lead to manipulation of results.
Little to no room for marijuana detox or other forms of substance detoxification.Once a staff member is notified of the possibility of an upcoming drug test, he can quickly get a detox package to cleanse himself and pass the drug test.
Mobile drug testing is quite flexible. It creates a convenient means to test your employees. You can easily carry out a quick test on the grounds of reasonable suspicion or as a response to a post-accident request for drug testing.It is challenging to run a quick test immediately after an incident in the workplace.

Random Drug Testing and The Role of The Mobile Drug Testing Services

Mobile drug tests have made random drug tests easy to carry out in a workspace. A random drug test is a process whereby you test for drug use among your employees. With the aid of the mobile drug testing business, you can conduct random drug test screening without informing your staff prior to the test.
You can conduct the random drug test through different drug testing techniques such as urine drug test, saliva drug test or you can use blood samples or mouth swabs drug test, among others. The purpose of random drug testing is to ensure the sanctity of a workplace and prevent incessant workplace incidents caused by drug abuse and alcohol. Random drug testing is also for public safety and to improve the overall health of your workers. Such kinds of tests are instant, so you can receive the result immediately.

Pre-employment Drug Test

Employers put the pre-employment drug test in place to ensure that the workplace is strictly adherent to the Drug-free Workplace Act Introduced in 1988. This enactment prohibits the use of alcohol and substance among employees.
Before your company employs a worker, you have the discretion to screen such a prospective employee by carrying out drug tests. Companies are encouraged to carry out drug tests and see to it that they are impartial drug testing exercises. They are not to draw conclusions from physical features such as personality and physical appearance.
If you are to exercise this discretionary power, you should ensure that you follow the guidelines for carrying out a pre-employment drug test. In addition, it must be in conformity with the regulations of the state.

Post Incident

You can request your employee to carry out an alcohol and drug test immediately after an incident in your company. For this kind of urgent drug test, you need a mobile drug test laboratory. However, you must ensure that the test is in line with your alcohol and substance abuse policy.

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing

You can use mobile drug testing to carry out tests in any situation you have reasonable suspicion. That is, when you feel that a certain member of your staff is under the influence of alcohol or prohibited substances. For example, if you become aware of any rumor on substance abuse in your workspace, this might amount to sufficient grounds to carry out a drug test.

Drug-Free Workplace Program

This program is put in place to combat the use of alcohol and illicit drugs. What warranted the introduction of this program is the adverse effect of substance use that causes a decline in productivity, workplace incident, and absenteeism.
If you follow this program in your company, you have successfully placed a check on your staff. The mobile drug testing will come in handy here by helping you carry out random tests.

DoT Drug testing

The DoT test in your company should follow the rules and regulations of the Department of Transportation. The purpose of this is to ensure workplace safety. Therefore, this test only applies to workers in certain positions and industries who hold safety-sensitive positions.
For your company’s DoT drug testing, you should ensure that the test is carried out in a certified laboratory. If the mobile drug testing lab is not certified, such a test will be contrary to the guidelines of the DoT.

American Screening and Background Checks

In the workplace, background checks are essential to know the fitness of a prospective employee. It is done by requesting for public and private details of a prospective employee. This check will also involve an investigation of the drug or alcohol history of a prospective applicant.
Companies must ensure that they carry out the background check in accordance with the rules and regulations of the state. By doing this, they will not be in breach of the right to privacy of such individuals.

Mobile Drug Testing Companies In the USA

Here are some of the mobile drug testing companies in the USA that you can use to test your staff:

  1. The USA Mobile Drug Testing Franchise: You find this company in any state in the USA. They have been tipped to be one of the foremost mobile drug testing companies in the country.
  2. Austin Mobile Drug Testing: This drug testing company is one of the most outstanding mobile drug testing businesses in the country.
  3. National Mobile Drug Testing: This drug testing company is also located all over the country.
  4. Any Lab Test Greensboro: This is a private owned mobile drug testing facility.


  • Does the mobile drug test increase productivity?
    Yes, it has increased productivity. In addition, the mobile drug test service has reduced the level of absenteeism that was prevalent with the on-site approach.
  • Are mobile drug testing companies legally certified?
    The operation of these companies has the full backing of the law. However, you must ensure that the company you approach to carry out the test for your staff is fully accredited.
  • Is mobile drug testing more cost-effective than on-site drug testing?
    Mobile drug testing is more expensive when compared with on-site laboratories. Although if you take into consideration various factors such as logistics, you will discover that the cost is worth the value.


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