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September 2018 Update

September 2018 Update

Collaborating to Increase Student Choice of Family Medicine. On August 30-31 the FMAHealth Workforce Education & Development Team along with sponsoring family medicine organizations participated in a kick-off event for a new collaboration to increase student choice of family medicine. This shared goal for student choice of family medicine aims to increase the percentage of U.S. senior allopathic and osteopathic medical students choosing family medicine from 12% to 25% by the year 2030 (25 x 2030). The actions that came from this meeting are summarized in a recent AAFP News Now article.

The ultimate collective goal for primary care physician production should be a match rate for primary care of 40% as recommended in the 2010 COGME Report, with primary care defined as family medicine, general internal medicine, and general pediatrics. However, to reach such an ambitious goal, a relatively short-term “stretch” goal was set – the “shared aim” or “25 x 2030.”

The 25 x 2030 goal, proposed by the FMAHealth Workforce Team and agreed on by all of the sponsoring family medicine organizations, is an important milestone for the specialty of family medicine. It helps align current efforts and focus resources on new efforts to significantly impact the workforce. It increases the power of family medicine to speak with one voice to address obstructive forces at play.

Many potential next steps came from the 25 x 2030 kick-off event that can have a significant impact on student choice and will be carried forward by the eight family medicine organizations. This is an exciting time to move the needle on developing the diverse primary care workforce America needs!

Bright Spots Videos Underway. Through a number of interviews, the Payment and Practice teams have identified Bright Spots in practice and payment transformation across the country.  Now, several of those practices are being interviewed on camera, and the videos will be published to this website for all to learn from. The interviews will be an opportunity to learn about the experience of family physician’s practices, including challenges and obstacles they have faced along their career path, how they overcame those obstacles, tools and resources they found useful, and information or tools that they wished they had. Physicians and their practices will be sharing their experiences, lessons learned and their personal stories with you. In addition to high-quality tools and resources already available, these videos will help practices learn directly from others in similar situations about how to identify and overcome obstacles on their path to transformation.  These videos will help you and your practice take the next step in practice and payment transformation.  See sample videos here.

Update from Health is Primary

Health is Primary is sponsoring the Alliance for Health Policy’s series on Aging in America.   The series will include a thought leader summit on October 10 and a congressional briefing on December 7 in Washington, DC.  Each event will include speakers who will highlight the role of innovative primary care in managing the country’s aging population. Stay tuned for more information on these events.

Health is Primary is focused on Healthy Aging in September. In October we will focus on advocating for Primary Care, which will coincide with National Primary Care Week (Oct 1-5).  You can download the monthly toolkit at

New campaign videos are now available. Health is Primary has launched two new explainer videos on the value and cost effectiveness of primary care. The videos are available in the tool library at

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