September 2016 Update

ZDoggMD Health is Primary video breaks the Internet. The music video produced by rapper-physician ZDoggMD has scored more than 1.2 million views since its July release at the AAFP’s National Conference for Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students. For the few who haven’t seen the video, it can be viewed here. Watch it and send it to two (or 10) friends!

September is Healthy Aging Month. Patient education materials on healthy aging can be found here. Click here to download our monthly toolkit for September. In October we will be focused on advocating for primary care and encouraging activation around Primary Care Week (October 3-7).

Be a champion for primary care. Speaking of activation, Health is Primary has a treasure trove of materials and tips to help champions advocate for primary care. Infographics, advertisements, patient tear sheets, posters, social media cards and other tools are available in the toolkit here. Tweet @HeathIsPrimary to show us how you are using the materials!

Focus on employers and payers. Health is Primary will be participating in the National Business Coalition on Health annual conference in September and AHIP’s National Conference on Medicaid, Medicare and Duals in October. Employers and payers will play a critical role in accelerating the pace of delivery system reform and the campaign will showcase stories of primary care transformation at both of these events.

Innovating in primary care? Please let us know. The campaign receives calls regularly from reporters and others looking for extraordinary examples of innovation in primary care delivery. If you have an interesting, evidence-based case study, please let us know at [email protected]. Here are examples of other stories from around the country, and you can also submit your own!

Update from Strategy Implementation

Identifying Innovative Patient Engagement Practices

The Engagement Team is moving into the second stage of a project on Innovative Patient Engagement Practices. The project team is interviewing family physicians around the country who are collaborating with patients and families in innovative ways in the design and delivery of care. Thanks to the creative work of many family physicians, the team has begun to write up case studies that describe these innovative practices in ways that can be spread and replicated by other family medicine practices throughout the country. In addition, the team has begun developing a dissemination strategy to spread these innovative practices. The strategy is designed to help family medicine led practice teams understand the value to their practices of engaging patients as members of the team.

Contact Jason Ring at [email protected] to let us know about innovative practices that we should consider including in this project.

Creating a Shared Set of Person-Centered Primary Care Principles

The Engagement Team of Family Medicine for America’s Health (FMAHealth) and the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC) are making progress on identifying a set of Shared Principles of Primary Care that can be endorsed by diverse health professional, consumer, and other organizations and groups committed to a strong primary care sector in the U.S. health system. The two organizations have invited a diverse set of stakeholders to form a Steering Committee that will guide the work toward a Shared Principles of Primary Care Summit to be held on November 11 in Washington, D.C. The summit will be held on the third day of the PCPCC’s 10th Anniversary meeting, and invitations have already been sent out to close to four hundred primary care stakeholders.

If you would like to learn more about the Summit, contact Jason Ring at [email protected]

Update from the Payment Team

The Payment Team continues its work on developing a Calculator for determining comprehensive payment for primary care. The team finalized a Request for Proposal that it has sent out to a number of analytics firms for their review. To date, one of those firms has sent a strong proposal for helping the Payment Team build and test the Calculator. The team is looking forward to hearing from the other firms over the next few weeks. The Calculator will be a major part of the business case the team is developing to take to family physicians, employers and insurers around the country.

The qualitative study of those family physicians and their practices that are being paid in a comprehensive primary care payment framework is now in the second round of its interviews. The project team is now beginning to gather and analyze findings from the first wave of interviews and is planning to publish its findings and present them at conferences later this year and throughout 2017.

To learn more about either of these projects, contact Jack Janson at [email protected].


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