Vision for a Principled Redesign of Health Information Technology

To support and promote the health of our nation, health professionals must develop meaningful relationships with the people, families, and communities they serve. Technology has great potential to help foster connections and relationships among health care professionals, individuals, and communities, and to be a catalyst instead of the barrier it frequently is today. In addition to putting up barriers to achieving the Quadruple Aim, poor usability and utility is resulting in health IT contributing to the growing problem of physician burnout.

Following a Health IT Summit held in 2016 in Washington, D.C, the team wrote and published a Vision for a Principled Redesign of Health Information Technology. The statement envisions a future where technology makes it easy for individuals and their health care professionals to have a comprehensive view of all aspects of their health (individual, community, and environmental) and to use this information in developing and executing personalized care plans. Milestones for success on this path to the future have been set and the AAFP and ABFM have committed to carrying it forward.

Read the full vision statement with year-by-year “attributes” outlining future Health IT opportunities.


Tactic Team

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