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Payment Tactic Team


The Payment Team has been charged with achieving one of the major objectives in family medicine’s specialty-wide strategic plan:

“In order to give patients the comprehensive and coordinated care and attention they deserve, family medicine commits to moving primary care reimbursement away from fee-for-service and toward comprehensive primary care payment (CPCP)as quickly as possible in coordination with its primary care colleagues.” (FMAHealth Strategic Plan, 2014)

March 2015 Update


Seattle City Tour This Week. The Health is Primary panel will be held in Seattle on March 19 at the Seattle Renaissance Hotel. We have a great line-up of speakers representing innovation in primary care from around the state. T.R. Reid, journalist and documentarian, will moderate the panel. To complement this effort, local chapters are coordinating additional events. The Washington Academy of Family Physicians is hosting a reception and panel for policymakers in Olympia on Wednesday. On Thursday evening, the King County Academy of Family Physicians is coordinating a meeting to engage the family medicine community in the strategy implementation process. At that event, Family Medicine for America’s Health board members will lead a discussion among local family physicians, students and residents to bring the strategic plan into action.

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Is CBD oil Good for Insomnia?

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