May 2017 Update

Health is Primary Launches Morning Consult survey and dashboard. Health is Primary has sponsored an extensive survey on public attitudes and opinions toward primary care. This overwhelmingly positive data can be viewed at both the state and congressional district level. The tool allows us to develop reports for policymakers on their constituents’ attitudes toward primary care. The brief summary of this survey and full dashboard can be found here. Be sure to use this resource if you are participating in the Family Medicine Day of Action on May 23 or making other visits to policymakers and opinion leaders.

May is Women’s Health Month – June will focus on Men’s Health. This month the Health is Primary campaign is focusing on women’s health. You can download our monthly toolkit that includes patient information sheets in English and Spanish. June will focus on men’s health.

Health is Primary Finalist for Prestigious Sabre Award. Health is Primary was a finalist for the North American SABRE Award. The SABRE Awards, which recognize “Superior Achievement in Branding Reputation & Engagement,” attract more than 2,000 entries from across North America each year, and are considered the premier showcase for public relations campaigns.

Join us on Twitter. Health is Primary now has more than 13,000 followers on Twitter! If you are not already a follower, we hope you will join us as we share stats and stories about family medicine and the value of primary care in America.

Update from the Strategy Implementation Team

Starfield Summit II – Primary Care’s Role in Achieving Health Equity

The second Starfield Summit focused on expanding the role of primary care in achieving health equity and was held in Portland, OR on April 22-25, 2017. With no need to start from scratch, the Summit brought together a diverse and dynamic group of attendees to strengthen and expand existing work on achieving health equity. The Health Equity Summit tapped into the strength of current partnerships and created new coalitions to pave action-oriented paths toward achieving health equity and social accountability. The FMAHealth Health Equity Team took a leadership role in the planning and execution of the event – and in recruiting key stakeholders to build Action Plans to propel work forward following the Summit. The team partnered with, and would like to thank, a number of other sponsors including: OCHIN, the Pisacano Scholar Leadership Foundation, Oregon Health & Science University, NAPCRG and the ABFM Foundation.

The Summit featured a number of speakers who are experts in health equity from the perspective of their respective fields, highlighted by keynote speaker, Dr. David Williams, Ph.D.,

MPH, of the Harvard School of Public Health. IGNITE speakers launched discussions on four major themes over the course of two days: Social Determinants of Health; Vulnerable Populations; Economics & Policy; and Shifting the Paradigm of Social Accountability. Additionally, the Summit hosted an action-planning session for representatives of almost 50 organizations working to increase health equity and reduce health disparities. The goals of this session were to increase collaboration among these organizations and create ways for all to speak with one voice about the role primary care can play in achieving health equity.

Dissemination of products emerging from the Summit has already begun. Issue Briefs authored by Summit speakers outlining their presentation topics – including implications for action – are currently available on the Starfield Summit website (see link below). Additional materials including videos, presentation slides, and a curriculum toolkit that will provide a framework for teaching health equity as part of the medical school and residency education will be available online in the coming days.

To learn more, visit the Starfield Summit website at:

and make sure to follow up with Jason Ring at [email protected] for more information about how you can get engaged.


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