February 2015 Update

First City Tour Coming Soon. Health is Primary will host its inaugural city tour at the Raleigh Convention Center on February 26. The campaign will showcase initiatives that are improving primary care and delivering on the Triple Aim of better care and better quality at a lower cost. Panelists will share their stories of primary care transformation – watch healthisprimary.org for more information on their work.

Following Raleigh, Health is Primary will be in Seattle on March 19. Click here to stay current on dates, locations and speakers for the campaign city tour. We are looking for extraordinary examples of change that are underway around the country. If you have a story to share from anywhere in the U.S., we want to hear it. Please email us at [email protected].

Focus on Health Quarterly Patient Education Initiatives Launched. Every few months, Health is Primary will highlight a key health issue. Our first outreach effort—timed to coincide with January resolutions about healthy eating and exercise—focused on how primary care can help patients reach fitness and nutrition goals. You can find patient resources on fitness and nutrition in English and Spanish (sourced from familydoctor.org with permission from AAFP) on these topics at healthisprimary.org. Other initiatives in 2015 will focus on chronic disease management (April), immunizations (August) and smoking prevention and cessation (November).

Strategy Implementation Underway. Over the last month, the Tactic Teams have gotten up and running. They are building out their work plans to begin accomplishing the tactics that we outlined in last month’s update. The first step the teams are taking is to meet with the eight family medicine organizations to learn about the variety of activities currently underway that intersect with the work of the Tactic Teams. This month we met with AAFP, STFM, and the AAFP Foundation. Meetings are coming up with ABFM, NAPCRG, ADFM, AFMRD, and ACOFP. After the Tactic Teams have made connections with people working on related projects, the next step will be to engage members of the family medicine community around the nation. We are working to outline specific ways in which people can get engaged. Please start thinking about the tactics, and specifically about those that spark your interest.

Tweet us if you see us! Health is Primary is running ads all over the country. If you see an ad, take a picture and help us #MakeHealthPrimary in America!


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