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Starfield Summit II: Issue Briefs

Starfield Summit II: Issue Briefs

The second Starfield Summit, focused on expanding the role of primary care in achieving health equity, was held in Portland, OR on April 22-25, 2017. The Summit brought together a diverse and dynamic group of attendees to strengthen and expand existing work on achieving health equity – and tapped into the strength of current partnerships and created new coalitions to pave action-oriented paths toward achieving health equity and social accountability.

The Summit featured expert speakers in health equity from the perspective of their respective fields – highlighted by keynote speaker, Dr. David Williams, PhD, MPH, of the Harvard School of Public Health. IGNITE speakers launched discussions on four major themes over the course of two days: Social Determinants of Health; Vulnerable Populations; Economics & Policy; and Shifting the Paradigm of Social Accountability.

Additionally, the Summit hosted an action-planning session for representatives from almost 50 organizations working to increase health equity and reduce health disparities. The goals of this session were to increase collaboration among these organizations and create ways for all to speak with one voice about the role primary care can play in achieving health equity.

The Health Equity Summit addressed four major themes:

• Theme 1: Social Determinants of Health in Primary Care

• Theme 2: Vulnerable Populations

• Theme 3: Economics & Policy

• Theme 4: Shifting the Paradigm Toward Social Accountability


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