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Precepting Expansion Intiative

Precepting Expansion Intiative

Primary care clerkships are struggling to obtain and retain quality clinical training sites. The Workforce Team launched a project to address this challenge, and the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) stepped forward to take the lead on implementing it. STFM and other primary care stakeholders are now in the midst of a multi-year initiative to address this threat to the sustainability of America’s medical education system. Goals of the initiative are to:

• Decrease the percentage of primary care clerkship directors who report difficulty finding clinical preceptor sites. • Increase the percentage of students completing clerkships at high-functioning sites.

• How to have a discussion at your institution on workforce diversity

• How institutions can recruit from their community into medical school and residency

• How to develop a strategic plan to increase diversity

• How to develop a teaching plan to teach diversity of thought, culture and ethnicity

• How to care for a diverse community

In August 2016, the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine conducted a Summit to identify the most significant reasons for the shortage of community preceptors and shape the priorities, leadership, and investments needed to ensure the ongoing education of the primary care workforce. The Summit was supported, in part, by a grant from the American Board of Family Medicine Foundation.

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