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Workforce Diversity Resource

Workforce Diversity Resource

In order to eliminate health inequities and appropriately care for all patients in the United States, we need a diverse health professional workforce. Currently, we lack the level of diversity we need in medical schools and residencies, both among learners and faculty. Medical students and residents are not graduating with the cultural competency and unconscious bias training needed to care for a diverse community. A more diverse workforce will benefit our patients, ourselves, and everyone around us. As a specialty, we need to take the lead in addressing this important issue.

The FMAHealth Workforce Team has developed the Workforce Diversity Resource, compiling resources from a variety of sources that can help institutions determine the needs of their communities, develop a plan to improve diversity, and effectively educate all learners on cultural competency and unconscious bias.

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The Diversity Resource was compiled by the FMAHealth Workforce Education and Development Team. Contact us at with questions or for more information about this resource.

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