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October 2017 Update

October 2017 Update

Dr. Glen Stream in KevinMD. In recognition of National Primary Care Week, Dr. Glen Stream authored this piece about the value of primary care, which appeared in KevinMD. Dr. Stream’s upcoming piece for Medical Economics will focus on how states are leading the way on primary care, with new laws and initiatives focused on bolstering investment in primary care.  Follow @HealthisPrimary on Twitter to stay up to date on blogs and commentary about primary care.

 Health is Primary to sponsor the Alliance for Health Policy series on healthcare workforce and Graduate Medical Education.  The Alliance will hold the first Summit event on workforce on Thursday, November 9 and a congressional briefing on Friday, December 8. Both events will be held in Washington, DC. Click here for more information on this series.

Health is Primary is focused on primary care in October – next month the campaign will highlight smoking cessation. You can download our monthly toolkit at

 Join us on Twitter. Health is Primary now has almost 27,000 followers on Twitter! If you are not already a follower, we hope you will join the conversation about family medicine and the value of primary care in America.

Update from the Strategy Implementation Team

Shared Principles of Primary Care Featured Prominently at the PCPCC Annual Conference in Washington, DC.  At the Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative Annual Meeting on October 11th and 12th in Washington, D.C., the Shared Principles of Primary Care, a result of the collaboration between the PCPCC and Family Medicine for America’s Health, took the main stage. The Shared Principles were unveiled to kick-off the conference by PCPCC CEO Ann Greiner, MA. Ms. Greiner discussed the ways in which the Shared Principles unify all stakeholders in health care by communicating their ideal vision of family-centered, integrated primary care in the United States.

More than 240 organizations, representing healthcare professionals, patients and patient advocates, insurers, employers and others, have already signed-on to the Shared Principles and their vision for a more vibrant future for primary care. The Shared Principles have received resounding support from family medicine organizations – including AAFP, AAFP Foundation, ABFM, ACOFP, ADFM, NAPCRG, STFM as well as 36 AAFP State Chapters, and several State Societies of the ACOFP.

The Shared Principles amplify the voice of all those with a stake in primary care. Please join us in amplifying that voice of primary care throughout the United States by learning more about the Shared Principles and signing-on your organization.

To learn more about the creation of the Shared Principles and to show your organization’s support, visit You can also learn more about the Shared Principles at

 Practices Around the U.S. Interviewed to Discover Innovative Strategies in Patient Engagement. The Engagement Team, in collaboration with the Center for Excellence in Primary Care at the University of California San Francisco, has been identifying and interviewing practices around the country that engage their patients systematically in the design and delivery of care.

Anjana Sharma, MD, Rachel Willard Grace, MPH, and Beatrice Huang at the Center for Excellence in Primary Care are guiding members of the Engagement Team in this work. Together the team has begun to put together case studies that highlight creative ways in which family medicine practices are engaging their patients as members of the team in everything from designing protocols to working with peer educators as members of the team.

Once case studies are finalized, they will be disseminated through multiple channels, including those of the family medicine organizations and AAFP and ACOFP State Chapters and Societies, as well as through a special webpage being developed by the UCSF Center for Excellence in Primary Care. Click here to see a sample case study from a practice in Baker City, Oregon.

If you know of practices working systematically with their patients in the design and delivery of care for their practice, please contact The Engagement Tactic Team welcomes your input.





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