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February 2018 Update

February 2018 Update

New Public Member Named to ADFM Board.  This just in from ADFM:

The Association of Departments of Family Medicine (ADFM), in collaboration with Family Medicine for America’s Health (FMAHealth), is conducting an exciting two-year pilot by adding a public member to the ADFM Board of Directors. Given that patient engagement and the patient’s experience of care is a relatively new development in health care and one which has proven to have significant impact on health care outcomes, ADFM/FMAHealth are addressing this head on. As forward-thinking organizations, this pilot will highlight the significance and value of partnering with patients and families in co-designing care. The pilot is to determine how best to collaborate and include a public member from outside of academic departments of family medicine who can bring insights and a perspective that enhance the work of the Board in advancing the mission of ADFM.  The public member will serve a two-year term (Feb 2018-Feb 2020). ADFM will conduct an evaluation of the pilot program after the conclusion of the pilot phase in 2020 to determine the effectiveness of collaborating with this public member on the Board.

ADFM is most pleased to announce that after a very competitive search process, Julie Moretz, Chief Experience Officer, Assistant Vice President, Patient- and Family-Centered Care Center for Patients and Families, Augusta University Health System, Augusta, Georgia has been selected to serve on the ADFM Board.   She brings the “public member” perspective to the Board combined with a strong patient advocacy background.  She will join the ADFM Board and colleagues in Washington DC Feb 21-24 as ADFM celebrates our 40th Birthday.

The Mission of ADFM is to transform care, education and research to promote health equity and improve the health of the nation.  Among our stated values, is “Compassion: We commit to keeping the patient as the central focus”.  We see this pilot of including a public member perspective on our Board as closely aligned with this value and with keeping the patient at the center of what we do. Additionally, an “outside” perspective about how our transformation mission might best promote health equity and improve health will improve our work.

Payment and Practice Teams Join Forces to Develop an Interactive Resource Center. The Payment and Practice teams have joined forces to develop an Interactive Resource Center (IRC) for Practice Transformation. The IRC will be an interactive web-based platform that family physicians can use to help improve their practices with various tools at each step along the way. The two teams have spent the last two years interviewing practices and researching a variety of payment models. In addition to including the Team’s research findings, the IRC will use self-assessments to help you identify the most useful tools and resources for your practice, include inspiring video examples from Bright Spots in practice and payment transformation and resources from a variety of sources to give you the tools to improve your practice.

Many thanks to the AAFP, which has stepped forward to help the teams with the initial design. Bethany Burk, Quality and Practice Strategist at the AAFP, is joining the Coordinating Committee to help with this and other projects. The Coordinating Committee will be releasing a variety of publications throughout the year as work progresses on the IRC. In addition, the team is working with the Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC) on a workshop with key stakeholders focusing on increasing investment in primary care.  Stay tuned for more on the conference and the IRC in the months ahead.

STFM Tweet Chat (February 28th) to Feature FMAHealth Health Equity Tactic Team.  Please join the FMAHealth Health Equity Tactic Team on Twitter at 7pm CT / 8pm ET on Wednesday, February 28th for a #STFMchat Tweet Chat! Tactic Team Leader, Viviana Martinez-Bianchi, MD, and Kim Yu, MD, will serve as guest experts – along with other members of the Health Equity Tactic Team – to answer your questions related to this important work and discuss family medicine’s leadership role in eliminating health inequities that exist throughout the country today.

Medical students, practicing physicians / clinicians, and residents all have something to gain from participating in the Tweet Chat – we encourage everyone to send questions into the #STFMchat as it occurs and promote the event through your social networks.

Update from Health is Primary

Health is Primary will be sponsoring the Alliance for Health Policy Signature Series in 2018.  This year we will focus on health care payment and aging.  The first summit will focus on cost and will be held in Washington, DC on May 17.  For those who cannot join in person, a video of the event will be available at

Health is Primary is focused on heart disease in February – next month the campaign will focus on caregivers. You can download our monthly toolkit at

New post on primary care in Medical Economics.  Check out Dr. Glen Stream’s latest piece on continuing progress in primary care.

Health is Primary to run policymaker-focused ads Inside-the-Beltway.  The spring ad campaign will kick off in late February and will focus on the value and cost effectiveness of primary care.   The campaign ads can also be displayed as posters.  Click here to see the full suite of print ads.

Join us on Twitter. Health is Primary now has more than 30k followers on Twitter! If you are not already a follower, we hope you will join the conversation about family medicine and the value of primary care in America.


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