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December 2017 Update

December 2017 Update

Update from the Strategy Implementation Team

FMAHealth Speakers Featured at STFM Conference on Practice Improvement. FMAHealth went on the road to the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Conference on Practice Improvement sharing many of the tools, resources, and strategies that have been developed by the various tactic teams. Members of the Health Equity Tactic Team, Viviana Martinez-Bianchi, MD; Bonzo Reddick, MD, MPH; and Lloyd Michener, MD, led a workshop on Expanding the Role of Family Medicine Practices in Achieving Health Equity: Learning from the Community to engage participants in a discussion on what they can do to weave health equity into team-based work at the clinical practice level. See more videos on Health Equity in Primary Care from the Starfield II Summit here.

The Payment Tactic Team hosted two presentations. The first lecture – Making the Case for Comprehensive Primary Care Payment, led by Neha Sachdev, MD; Thomas Weida, MD; and Aaron George, DO introduced an exciting new tool – the Comprehensive Payment Calculator.   The Calculator can be used by practices and payers to better understand how a Comprehensive Primary Care Payment may be implemented. Physicians and payers can now explore new options for developing PCMH payment frameworks and/or replace existing capitation and FFS contracts. The team walked through real-world examples of how it could be useful. Continuing to highlight Pathways to Comprehensive Primary Care Payment, Rebecca Malouin, MPH, MSc, PhD; Aaron George DO; and Kathryn Harmes, MD led a panel discussion with early adopters. The panel included representatives from private practice, direct primary care, and Medicare Advantage practices. Panelists Brian Forrest, MD; Lauri Rustand; and Manisha Sharma, MD shared their personal practice and payment transformation experiences.

The Practice Tactic Team highlighted Bright Spots in Practice Transformation, sites where practices are already starting to experience the benefits of working in a comprehensive practice structure for achieving the quadruple aim. Using the framework laid out by Tom Bodenheimer, MD and others in The 10 Building Blocks of High-Performing Primary Care, the Practice Team shared the important role that payment plays in building an advanced primary care practice.  Jason Marker, MD, leader of the Practice Tactic Team, gave A Practice Transformation Update from FMAHealth: The Right Care in the Right Way for the Right Pay. In addition to giving a general update on the activities of FMAHealth, he highlighted the importance of family medicine educators in training students and residents to be prepared to work in a value-based reimbursement environment.

The Technology Tactic Team, led by Steven Waldren, MD, hosted a panel of health entrepreneurs to discuss Putting Health IT to Use to Solve Practical Problems Facing Family Medicine Practices. Innovators Lyle Berkowitz, MD; Kamlesh Desai, MD; and William Thornbury, MD came from across the country to share their personal stories on the development path from idea to product. The Team helped family physicians begin to think about how to interact with entrepreneurs to use innovation to solve the day-to-day problems practices face.

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Update from Health is Primary

Health is Primary sponsored the Alliance for Health Policy series on Care Delivery in the Future: The Role of the Health Care Workforce.  This included three events focused on this topic, that last of which was a Capitol Hill briefing that featured Robert Phillips, MD, MSPH, Vice President of Research and Policy at the American Board of Family Medicine, among others. Click here to view the session.

Health is Primary has launched a sponsored promotion in the Washington Post focused on the value of primary care and featuring case studies from around the country. The promotion includes new survey data on primary care and case studies of family medicine innovation and transformation that is happening around the country.   We hope you will share this content through your social media channels.

Health is Primary is focused on obesity in December – next month the campaign will feature fitness and nutrition. You can download our monthly toolkit at

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